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After COVID break Nami Airando is back!
NAMI Airando 2022 – 7th Japanese Festival on the Slodowa Island
Where: Wyspa Słodowa (Slodowa Island in the very heart of Wroclaw)
When: Saturaday, August 27st 2022, 3:00-8:00 PM
For whom: for youth, adults and children
Entrance: free
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More information:
> Plan of Nami Airando 2022
> Program of the Nami Airando 2022
> From few hundreds to thousands – Nami Airando 2014-2019
> The main features of the Nami Airando
> If you wouild like to cooperate or support...
> Patronages, support, organizers, contact

Flashback of the Nami Airando 2019

Stands and activities at Nami Airando 2022

Japanese flavor zone:
– Yaki Kingu – Daniel and Yumiko in their キッチンカー (kitchinkā) invite you for okonomiyaki, onigiri and kakigori
– KAME – a Wrocław bar run by two native Japanese ladies will serve you onigiri, cakes and takoyaki
– Moya Matcha – will invite you for traditionally prepared matcha, drinks based on matcha and mochi, as well as teas, sweets and dishes inspired by Japan
– Azja na Talerzu ('Asia on the Plate') – will offer the ingredients of Japanese cuisine
– Daniel Gareth Cua – will offer refreshing drinks with tapioca balls (boba pearls)

Japanese traditions zone
– Japanese costumes (possibility to change clothes and take a photo) - Nami Foundation
– Japanese calligraphy (personalized calligraphies on request) - Nami Foundation
– tea ceremony
– bonsai - Polish Bonsai Association
– exhibition of historical weapons and costumes - Ród Miyoshi ('The House of Miyoshi')

Japanese martial arts zone
– Japanese fencing – Kendo Ryushinkai Wrocław
– Japanese fencing – Iaido Renshinkan Wrocław
– aikido – Fudo Shin Aiki Dojo
– karate – Lower Silesian Karate Club Jinkaku Kansei
In the martial arts zone, there will also be continuous workshops and a samurai pentathlon

Plays zone not
– origami
– kiai shiai (battle shouts competition)
– kendama (hadyness game)
– kamizumo (sumo wrestling with paper sumoka)
– baburu-zumo (sumo for children done in inflatable bubbles)
– tug of war
– tied pairs racing
– shifting beads with chopsticks

Strategic games zone
– shogi (Japanese equivalent of chess) – Wrocław Shogi Club
– Dobutsu shogi or "Let's catch a lion!" – cute and easy to learn shogi based game
– go (the most important strategy game in the Far East) – Klub Go nad Odrą (Go Club by the Odra River)
– hanafuda (Japanese card games) – Games Club of the Nami Foundation
– mahjong (a bit like rummy, but played with stones) – Game Club of the Nami Foundation
In addition to the possibility of learning and playing, there will also be tournaments, in particular the "Let's Catch the Lion!" tournament, after a quick demonstration of the rules of the game

Program of the Nami Airando 2022

Wmain Stage:
15:00-15:10 – starting with a parade led by Sakuramai Polska
15:10-15:20 – introducing the nami-Yen (festival currency)
15:20-15:40 – yosakoi dance – Sakuramai Poland
15:40-16:00 – show of the historical costumes from the Edo and Sengoku epochs – The House of Miyoshi
16:00-16:15 – Japanese fencing show – Kendo Ryushinkai Wrocław
16:15-16:30 – Japanese fencing show – Iaido Renshinkan Wrocław
16:30-16:45 – aikido demonstration – Fudo Shin Aiki Dojo
16:45-17:00 – karate demonstration – Lower Silesian Karate Club Jinkaku Kansei
17:00-17:40 – concerto – Pedro Pedrito (piano) and Masato Yokoe (shamisen)
17:40-18:00 – Miss and Mister Yukata contest
18:00-18:30 – recital – Igor Pietraszewski (shakuhachi – Japanese bamboo flute)
18:30-19:00 – yosakoi dance - Sakuramai Poland
19:00-19:10 – surprise by the Manga and Anime Club of the Nami Foundation and the Japanglish competition
19:10-19:50 – concert of music inspired by Japanese film themes - Radomir Rakowski (piano)
19:50-20:00 – closing

Turnaments and contests
- Miss/Mister Yukata (the most beautiful Japanese outfit)
- Let's catch the lion! or Dobutsu shogi (a mini-tournament of Japanese chess for everyone)
- Japanglish (Japanese English word prediction contest)
- Kiai-shiai (battle shouts tournament)
- Chopstick challenge (competition of catching beads with chopsticks)
- Kendama (competition to catch a wooden ball on the handle)
- Kamizumo (sumo tournament in which origami-sumokas fight guided by hits to the cardboard ring)
- Baburuzumo (children's dumo in inflatable bubbles)
- Tug of war
- Pair and team running tournament with legs tied to a neighbor
Prizes are waiting for the winners and nami-yens for all participants!

Nami-yen, or festival currency
Where will you earn?
– Taking part in competitions and tournaments (all participants get prizes)
– Actively participating in a workshop (e.g. if you assemble difficult origami or learn to play a game)
What will you spend on?
– To dress up in Japanese clothes
– For funny photos with a special background
– For attractions in tents of Japanese traditions (calligraphies, painted postcards and others)
Nami-yens from previous years are still in circulation!

From few hundreds to thousands – Nami Airando 2014-2019

2014 – the first edition with a small group of Polish and Japanese volunteers and…
…the unforgettable Japanese interpretation of Red Riding Hood by Hitoshi Matsumoto, Sayuri Goto, Zbigniew Górski, Julian Górski

2015 – Torii, Japanese style gate becomes a landmark of the Festival

2016 – Nami-yen, the festival currency introduced, the impressive show of samurai fight by national team kendo-ka Przemysław Szymiec and Wojciech Ritszel

2017 – energetic show by Aco-Taca duo (Aco Tomine from Yokohama and Taca Shimizu from Paris) with min'yō songs marked the year, food-trucks introduced first time

2018 – marked by the collaboration with the Japanese community of Berlin (Shamisen Berlin, Sawai Koto Berlin, Chado Urasenke Teeweg-Verein Berlin)

2019 – with great number of the artists from Japan, Germany, Belgium and Poland and thousends of participants we celebrated the 100 years of astablishing of the diplomatic relationship between Poland and Japan. Main stage was supplemented by separate stage of martial surrounded by stands of judo, karate, aikido, kendo and iaido. The pageant led by yosakoi dancers (Sakuramai Poland) made an impresive opening.

The main features of the Nami Airando

– Matsuri-like joyful tone

– Japanese costumes

– Japanese music

– Martial arts

– Japanese traditions

– Board and card games

– Children activities

– Japanese taste

– Volunteers’ engagement

If you want to collaborate...

If you would like to:
– make a stage show
– make a stand
– demonstrate the Far Eastern games
– prepare a lantern
– join tha parade in historical Plish or Japanese costumes
please, contact
Maciej Pogorzelski
phone. (+48) 502 796 050

If you would like to help as volunteer
you would like to collaborate: clubs, associations etc. are welcome – please contact:
Grażyna Pogorzelska
tel. (+48) 784 694 592

Shops, food-trucks, restaurants etc. – please contact:
Julian Górski
tel. (+48) 663 571 823

Patronages, support, organizers

Suported by:
Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego
EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会 EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee

Contact us:
Fundacja Przyjaźni Polsko-Japońskiej NAMI (Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI)
ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wrocław

Fundraising, Volunteers:
– Grażyna Pogorzelska:, mobile (+48) 784 694 592

Program, Media:
– Maciej Pogorzelski:, mobile (+48) 502 796 050

Organization, Stands, Shops:
– Julian Górski:, mobile (+48) 663 571 823

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