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NAMI Airando 2019 – 6th Japanese Festival on the Slodowa Island
Where: Wyspa Słodowa (Slodowa Island in the very heart of Wroclaw)
When: August 31st 2019, 3:00-8:00 PM
For whom: for youth, adults and children
Entrance: free

– The main stage: 5 hours of show – Japanese drums, music and dance
– Martial arts’ stage: demonstrations of the Wroclaw’s clubs – kendo, iaido, aikido, karate, judo
– The tent of Japanese games: shogi, go, gomoku, hanafuda
– Games not only for children: oversized daruma otoshi, origami, kendama, kamizumo
– Let’s Catch the Lion – Japanese chess in the form of big animal-pillows
– Japanese costumes: you can change and get your photo in kimono, yukata or as an samurai
– Miss and Mister Yukata contest
– Japanese arts and crats: bonsai, calligraphy, tea ceremony, dance workshop
– Gourmet zone: truly Japanese meals, sweets and drinks
– Phantasy paper lanterns at the dusk

This year, while celebrating the 100-years anniversary of the establishment of the Polish-Japanese diplomatic relations the festival will start with the parade in Japanese and Polish historical costumes.

Japanese costumes (not only traditional) are welcome. Free entrance!

More information:
> From few hundreds to thousands – Nami Airando 2014-2018
> The main features of the Nami Airando
> If you want to collaborate...
> Patronages, support, organizers, contact

> Leaflet: Nami Airando 2019
> Slideshow: Nami Airando

From few hundreds to thousands – Nami Airando 2014-2018

2014 – the first edition with a small group of Polish and Japanese volunteers and…
…the unforgettable Japanese interpretation of Red Riding Hood by Hitoshi Matsumoto, Sayuri Goto, Zbigniew Górski, Julian Górski

2015 – Torii, Japanese style gate becomes a landmark of the Festival

2016 – Nami-yen, the festival currency introduced, the impressive show of samurai fight by national team kendo-ka Przemysław Szymiec and Wojciech Ritszel

2017 – energetic show by Aco-Taca duo (Aco Tomine from Yokohama and Taca Shimizu from Paris) with min'yō songs marked the year, food-trucks introduced first time

2018 – marked by the collaboration with the Japanese community of Berlin (Shamisen Berlin, Sawai Koto Berlin, Chado Urasenke Teeweg-Verein Berlin)

The main features of the Nami Airando

– Matsuri-like joyful tone

– Japanese costumes

– Japanese music

– Martial arts

– Japanese traditions

– Board and card games

– Children activities

– Japanese taste

– Volunteers’ engagement

If you want to collaborate...

If you would like to:
– make a stage show
– make a stand
– demonstrate the Far Eastern games
– prepare a lantern
– join tha parade in historical Plish or Japanese costumes
please, contact
Maciej Pogorzelski
e-mail: maciej.pogorzelski@fundacja-nami.pl
phone. (+48) 502 796 050

If you would like to help as volunteer
you would like to collaborate: clubs, associations etc. are welcome – please contact:
Grażyna Pogorzelska
e-mail: grazyna.pogorzelska@fundacja-nami.pl
tel. (+48) 784 694 592

Shops, food-trucks, restaurants etc. – please contact:
Julian Górski
e-mail: julian.gorski@fundacja-nami.pl
tel. (+48) 663 571 823

Patronages, support, organizers

Honorary patronage:
The celebration is held under the honorary patronage of:
– The Embassy of Japan in Poland
– The Mayor of Wroclaw
The organizers are authorized to use 100-years Poland+Japan logo for the events

Suported by:
Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego
EU・ジャパンフェスト日本委員会 EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee

Contact us:
Fundacja Przyjaźni Polsko-Japońskiej NAMI (Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI)
ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wrocław

Fundraising, Volunteers:
– Grażyna Pogorzelska: grazyna.pogorzelska@fundacja-nami.pl, mobile (+48) 784 694 592

Program, Media:
– Maciej Pogorzelski: maciej.pogorzelski@fundacja-nami.pl, mobile (+48) 502 796 050

Organization, Stands, Shops:
– Julian Górski: julian.gorski@fundacja-nami.pl, mobile (+48) 663 571 823

Fundacja Przyjaźni Polsko-Japońskiej NAMI
ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wrocław
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